Spain Motor & Sailing Yacht Charter

Title: Spain Motor & Sailing Yacht Charter
Description: Yacht Charter holidays give you an exceptional opportunity to enjoy first-class service, breath-taking scenery, and liberty to explore dream destinations. All in incomparable style and comfort! Our top priority is your safety, security, privacy and of course, a peaceful, enjoyable sailing experience. Royalty Yachts provide private yacht charters from a choice selection of luxury crewed yachts. Royalty Yachts pledge that your dream yacht will be sourced to adhere to all your requirements and to suit your budget and level of comfort in your dream destination. Where you want! How you want! When you want! A luxury yacht charter vacation offers a private yacht experience to both you and your guests without any disturbances from strangers. Enjoy the secluded time with family, friends and loved ones while sailing away to your favourite destinations. You decide on the itinerary which might change during the charter in collaboration with the captain who will strive to accommodate all your requests. The yacht is presented to you with a Captain, a chef and a hostess. The crew stay in separate quarters and keep their distance from clients throughout the cruise. The lovely hostess will attend to your needs and make sure you are having a comfortable journey at all times. You will be asked to complete a form a few weeks prior the charter to indicate your meal and beverage preferences. This will enable the chef to prepare gourmet feasts for you for the duration of your stay!