Private Tours Turkey

Title: Private Tours Turkey
Description: Air Sports Hot air ballooning comes to a tourists mind if they are going to travel to Turkey. However, because of the location of our country and the convenient geography, there are many alternatives of air sports in Anatolia. Paragliding is very popular in Turkey and there are many clubs in different cities. Sky diving is slowly becoming popular and more and more people is trying to sign up to the small aviation clubs to learn sky diving which is a real adrenaline source. We gathered some information about the most popular air sport destinations of Turkey. Babadag Babadag (Mount Baba) is located out of the bustling cruising port of the turquoise waters; Fethiye. Thousands of tourists prefer Fethiye port to sail to the Aegean waters while thousands are just enjoying the small hotels located around the National park of Oludeniz (Dead Sea). Babadag is very close to this popular tourist destination which continuously supplies clients to the many paragliding clubs in Fethiye. Especially in summer, the number of he paragliders increase coming from all over the world and it is a beautiful experience to fly or watch them fly. Pamukkale Pamukkale town nearby Denizli attracts thousands of tourist along the year as well. It is world famous and UNESCO registered because of the Hierapolis ancient city and the white cotton-like travertines covering the slopes of the hill where the ruins are standing. The combination of the biggest white travertines in Turkey and one of the biggest ancient city lying right next to it encouraged people fly over it and paragliding became very popular in Pamukkale. You are able to see the combination of nature and history during your flight and will take amazing pictures of the both attractions.