Description: Green Tree Tax Services in Houston is committed to providing Professional and honest tax preparation. We train our staff every year for tax updates. In addition, we are enrolled to practice before the IRS nationally. We have the expertise to handle business tax matters, as well as personal income tax returns. Similarly, our Experience in the industry helps you negotiate and settle a budget-friendly agreement with the IRS. Lastly, we can stop any active collection or cease against you while we negotiable with the IRS. Finally, we believe when it comes to your company, you should only hire the best bookkeeping services in Houston. Above all, we only hire the best bookkeepers as well as only QuickBooks experts so you can rest assure your company books are correct and accurate. Due to the complexity of taxes and state requirements, we only suggest you hire bookkeepers for your company. So, if you need any help for your company and in fact trying to get your taxes done accurately contact us here at Green Tree Tax for a free 30 minutes consultation. Also, for an LLC you want to elect how IRS treats your company. Every LLC must choose how it’ll be treated for federal tax purposes. A single-member LLC can option to be taxed as an S-corp or a sole proprietor. The multi-member can be taxed as a corporation or partnership. An LLC taxed as a single proprietorship report taxes on individual tax. Therefore, a member record all the expenses and income on schedule C. An LLC taxed as Partnership files form 1065, and those with corporation category files form 1120. Moreover, your LLC must have a Confirmation Letter from the IRS. This letter shows the election you made for tax classification for company records.