PERFECTSIGHT blue light glasses

Title: PERFECTSIGHT blue light glasses
Description: It is a color in the visible light variety which can be noticed and seen by human eyes. It is the shortest wavelength of light, meaning that it emits lots of energy for utilization. Blue light is a range of the visible light spectrum, defined as having a wavelength between 400-495 nm. This short wavelength means that blue light is a type of HEV (high-energy visible light), defined as having a wavelength between 400 and 450 nm. Because the blue/violet band of the visible spectrum has a particularly high frequency. What is the damage of the blue light? Not all instance of exposure to blue light is harmful or have detrimental effects on the health of an individual. Damage to sleeping However, continuous exposure to screens of technology devices such as tablets and bright environment at night lead to excess uptake of blue light which is harmful. The disclosure is at the very worst time when the individual should be sleeping. Some of the detrimental effects associated with blue light to humans include lack of sleep due to inhibition of sleep causing hormone. Individuals experience fatigue after sleep because of short sleep time caused by frequent awakenings in the night. Also, the blue light stimulates the production of stress-causing hormones, which have adverse effects on health and sleep.